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Bader Narrowband Cloud filters now in stock

After 15 years of working in conjunction with N.A.S.A, NOAA and the British Aeronautics Agency, Bader Optics have made available to the public a ground breaking new filter originally designed for weather and defense satellites. Our society has acquired the very first production run for testing throughout Ireland. Because of the limited availability of these filters, we are required to offer these filters on a license fee basis only.


  • Removes 66% precipitation for brighter images during periods of haze and thin cloud cover
  • Integrated IR/UV filter
  • Laser tested optics for zero colour fringing
  • Forms a plateau of efficiency 50% transmission in short wavelengths, R.A.D.A.R and microwave electromagnetic spectrum
  • Offering the brightest image with up to 50% visible light transmission makes the Narrowband cloud filter a must for visual observers and astrophotography
  • Optical Wonder cleaning fluid included - the best cleaning fluid we have tested in over 35 years
  • Limited stock, first come first served basis

Due to the specialised nature of these filters, we are required to perform background checks on each applicant. You will be required to provide us with 2 forms of identification including photographic ID. No other types of identification will be accepted. Cheques and postal orders should be payable to "Dahnibu Tech. PLC". Every filter is 100% guaranteed with a no quibble, 30 day returns policy.



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