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Club Asteroid

Well actually named after the club chairman, John McConnell, 9929 McConnell see page - Special Honour For Club Chairman

Details of image:Facility:Telescope:1-m Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope, La Palma.

Instrument: JKT CCD Camera.

Detector:2048x2048 pixel CCD,0.33arcsec/pixel. Image Details: Target (9929) McConnell. Start of exposure: July 25th.04.42.57UT.

Exposure length: 600 Seconds.

Filter: R-band. RA 02h 11m 47.0s. Dec 09degrees 04'20.0" Geocentric Distance: 2.070AU, Heliocentric Distance: 2.281AU

V-Magnitude: 18.7.

Taken by and copyright of : Dr Alan Fitzsimmons, Astrophysics & Planetary Science Division, Queens University Belfast. By the way, Alan tells us that the smudges in the image are background Galaxies!


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