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EAAS Member returns from the edge of space


Hi John

Still tired after my trip due to the heat wave in Moscow and UK. I asked at StarCity about my trip to space and they declared me the first weightless Irishman, so I'm quite chuffed. I have a 70 minute video of my expedition which I will show clips of at the first EAAS meeting in September. The in-flight video shows better than I saw the curvature of the earth and atmosphere and the sun glaring down from a black sky. I only got one minute to shoot photos so I did the best I could with the time I had. I also have a pilot's helmet and high-G suit which I'll show at the talk.

Sincerely Derek
Ulster's No.1 space tourist!

You will believe a man can fly!Self-portrait shows the blackness of space reflected in my visor
Self-portrait shows the blackness of space reflected in my visor


EAAS Member, Derek Heatly, takes to the skies - 5th July, 2003


Derek Heatly"Space Adventures flies me to 5-star Moscow hotel July 8, briefing next day. To Star City on 10th,walking tour,meet cosmonauts,etc.Three hr. flightwith group to 35000ft.,10x30sec.periods of zero G.Toys,water,provided for us to play with.Next day to Zhukovsky Air Base,MIG flight to edge of space-uninsured.July 12-Moscow tour,visit shuttle Buran in Gorky Park.13th,back home.Recently met 5 astros in Northampton -17 to date-Skylab's Weitz and Gibson said they could move by puffing and blowing,must try it,though in the jet I'll be strapped into an ejection seat. My travel firm is the one used by Dennis Tito,but Ican't afford the £10 million fare.They are taking money,£70000, for suborbital flights,but there's a huge medical,and I wouldn't be weightless any longer than what I'm getting in the plane! Cheers.D"

Listen to the Citybeat news report of his expedition, Click Here.


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