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Sunspot group 484

When I saw your email about the large sunspot group 484, I checked out the spaceweather.com website to read up on it. This morning I setup my scope and mount early while it was still cold after a nights frost. I got a beautiful view of the sunspot group with the televue85, and an 8mm radian eyepiece. I coupled my nikon coolpix 4300 digital camera to the eyepiece for this image. I took a 1/250 of a second exposure. Aperture was f/2.8, focal length of the lens was at 8mm. The time was 10.55am.

I then adjusted the image using Registax software. At the moment I'm still only learning to use this software, but getting there. It brought out far more detail compared to the raw image. I am very pleased with my results so far.

Deep Sky

I took advantage of good dark skies early in the night here. I setup my eq5 mount and televue85 and coupled a nikon coolpix4300 to a 27mm eyepiece. I took a one minute unguided exposure of some deepsky objects. Here is the image of M42 and M43 - The Orion Nebula I took early this morning. There was moon light at the time. Below is also a one minute exposure of M57 taken with the same setup.

This was my first attempt at deepsky digital imaging - the ring nebula came out okay, even though its tiny in the image.

Sunspot 464

I have inclosed an image of the sunspot group 464 I took earlier this morning with the televue 85. I used a nikon coolpix 885 digital camera coupled to a 3mm radian eyepiece. Date and Time: 2003:09:27, 11:30:26. exposure time: 1/60, aperture: 1:3.2, zoom length: 11mm. exposure program: manual, iso speed was 200.

New Mars Photo taken on 26th July 2003

Taken on the 26/07/03 at 02.50UT, I used the Televue85mm refractor at 400x, Polaroid Fun Flash 640 digital camera was coupled to a 3mm Radian eyepiece (barlowed) for the shot. It was a single colour shot, and very little processing was done, except a slight adjustment to contrast and sharpened.

NEW!  Moon Pics by club associate Jan 2003

I have enclosed two lunar images I took last night at 7.20pm with a Polaroid fun flash 640 digital camera. I used a digital camera adaptor attached to a 7mm nagler eyepiece to give a magnification of 171x through my 10" f/4.8 reflector on a dobsonian mount.

I was very surprised with the end result. It's amazing what can be done with low cost digital cameras today.

Best regards,

James Adamson, Co Mayo

img01.jpg (42577 bytes)


img02.jpg (55740 bytes)

Below new image 22.2.03. The details are, Tycho to the Southern Highlands, 11-02-03, through 85mm f/7 refractor at 200x with a Polariod digital camera.

wpe2.jpg (22360 bytes)

Also from April 2002 some fantastic pics of the comet by James

Three super images of the comet Ikeya Xhang, all taken with a 35mm pentax camera driven piggyback on an Meade ETX 90RA telescope. The Andromeda Galaxy is visible to the upper right of the Comet in each picture.


(1) 1st April 7 minutes on Fuji Superia400 with 135mm lens @ F2.8


(2) 1st April 7 minutes on Fuji Superia400 with 135mm lens @ F2.8.

3) 3rd.April 50mm lens fully open for 4 minutes.

If you have have any photos or video of the comet please get in touch using the e-mail below:

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