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John McConnell Astrophotography

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Orion Nebula taken 21/22 December 1998 135mm lens on 1600ASA film for three minutes.



The Pleiades (M45), AKA The Seven Sisters, in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. 8 minutes on ASA 200 print film Olympus OM1 camera + 135mm lens driven piggyback on Meade ETX 90. Time 00-20 to 00-28 September 13/14 2001. J.C. McConnell.



Comet Hale Bopp - what a great name eh? Hale/Bopp photo,Taken 20/03/2021 200mm lens 6min exp. on Kodak 800ASA film.20.30-20.36UT. John C. McConnell



Hale/Bopp,14/3/97 04.40UT Kodak Gold 400 300mm lens. John C. McConnell



Comet Hale/Bopp on 4thMarch 1997 at 04.50UT. 1600 slide film with a 200mm lens, 15- minute exposure. Notice the long blue gas tail.



Hale/Bopp, 3/4/97 21.40 UT 160mm lens on Super G400.Perseus to right M34 just left of comet's head John C. McConnell



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