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Recent Club News & Press Releases - Last Updated 12 September, 2003


The History of Daramona

Daramona c.1900The challenge presented to astronomers by poor climate seems nowhere to have been more strikingly accepted than in Ireland during the nineteenth century. Armagh and Dunsink observatories had already come into being, though they had only small instruments, Col. Edward Joshua Cooper MP, had in his observatory at Markree Castle, Co. Sligo, what was briefly the largest refractor in the world, with a 13?-inch objective. Lord Rosse at Birr Castle, Co. Offaly had built the largest reflector in the world, the 72-inch “Parsonstown Leviathan". Click here for the full report.


Performance Improvement for Achromats

Anyone who owns a conventional achromatic refractor will be aware of the blue halo surrounding any white or bright object at high powers. Most people will know that this is due to the inability of the two objective elements to bring the complete colour spectrum to focus at the same point (chromatic aberration). Read the full report by Walter Martin.


Perseids 2003

The Perseids are upon us for another year. Be sure and check out the Northeastern sky at dusk and dawn when the moon is still low to get the best chance of seeing the meteor shower. Click here for details.


We're into noctilucent cloud season until the end of July, so keep looking to the sky around and after dusk and dawn for some glowing very high ice particles and be sure and take pictures of anything you see. Click here for more information.
EAAS Member returns from the edge of space

Click here for the full reportEAAS Member, Derek Heatly has returned from a successful trip to the edge of space. Be sure and come to the 1st EAAS meeting on 1st September to hear and see more about this fantastic expedition.

Click here for the full report with photos.

  • The East Antrim Astronomical Society held an "Astro-Day" on Saturday June 7th from 10am until 4pm in the Thompson Primary School, Ballyrobert, Co. Antrim. Alderman Paul Girvan, the Mayor of Newtownabbey, officially opened the event. Click here for the full report.


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