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The list of speakers for the 2011 - 2012 season is now almost complete, and we hope there is something for everyone on the programme, from the Moon to the furthest depths of the universe.

We have added an extra members night this season, as well as the beginners night, as these always seem to go down well. Various members of the society will be giving short talks on a wide range of subjects spread over these three nights.


Almost all our guest speakers will be new visitors to the society, and again, they will be covering a wide range of subjects. Proceedings kick off on September 5th with a visit from Dr Brian Espey, of Trinity College in Dublin, who will be presenting a talk entitled "3-D Astronomy", which comprises of lots of 3-dimensional images of various astronomically linked images, from space shuttles, the Sun, the Moon and planets, and on to deep space objects.

Dr Rubina Kotak from Queens University will be discussing  supernovae in November, while in December, one of the best-known astronomy speakers in Ireland, Kevin Berwick, from the Irish Astronomical Society in Dublin, will describe the astronomical sights which can be seen from the average suburban back yard.

Ronan Newman, from the Galway Astronomy Society, will be along in February to give the annual Andrew Trimble Memorial Lecture. With the recent launch of the last ever Space Shuttle, his subject will be both interesting and timely, as he gives an talk on the history of the Space Shuttle programme, both the highs and lows.

Dr Iain MacLaren , also from Galway, will give an overview of the latest developments in Cosmology in March.


As always, we have left April blank for the moment, so that we can hopefully react to any major events which may happen over the winter. The AGM will be at the end of the last members night in May.

As always, meetings are on the first Monday of each month, except for May 2012, which will be on the second Monday. Meetings start at 8.00pm and are held in the Lecture Theatre of Ballyclare High School at Ballyclare in Co. Antrim.

Hope to see you all there.


The full list of speakers for the season is as follows;


September 5th - Dr Brian Espey (Trinity) - 3-D Astronomy


October 3rd - Beginners night -

Tom Przezdziecki (NIAAS) - Black holes

Jonathan Bingham (NIAAS) - Observing the Moon

Observing session (weather permitting)


November 7th - Dr Rubina kotak (QUB) - Supernovae


December 5th -Kevin Berwick (IAS) - Urban Astronomy


January 2nd - Members night -

Phil Matchett (NIAAS) - Aurorae

Neil Patterson (NIAAS) - The Herschel family

Observing session (weather permitting)


February 6th - Ronan Newman (Galway) - History of the space Shuttle programme.


March 5th - Dr Iain MacLaren  (NUI Galway) - Cosmology


April 2nd - TBA


May 14th - Members night;

Simon Sloan (NIAAS) - Spring double stars

Mark Kerr (NIAAS) - subject TBA

Annual General meeting