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Deep Impact Is Coming PDF Print E-mail

Following a communication from our Chairman, the EAAS are delighted to have received an article from world renowned comet expert Dr Donald K Yeomans.

Comet Tempel 1It's white knuckle time at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. That's because on the Fourth of July, a small copper-laden spacecraft is going to be intentionally run over by a comet. That's if all goes well. The mission is appropriately called Deep Impact.

Venus Transit 2004 PDF Print E-mail
The Venus Transit of 2004

On Tuesday 8th June, children will join amateur and professional astronomers to witness one of the rarest events seen from the British Isles. The planet Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun, in a phenomenon called a transit of Venus. All of the “8th June 2004 Venus transit” will be visible from the United Kingdom, along with most of Asia, Africa and all of Europe. Part of the event will be seen from Australasia, eastern North America and most of South America except the southern parts of Chile and Argentina.

Encke Comet visible in Southern Hemisphere PDF Print E-mail
January 2004

Copyright©1997 by Gordon Garradd (Australia) This photo of periodic comet Encke was obtained by G. Garradd on 1997 June 5. It was a 100-second exposure obtained with a 25-cm Newtonian and a CCD camera. The comet was then slightly more than two degrees above the horizon. A thin gas tail can be seen. The field of view of the image measures 8 arcmin high and 19 arcmin wide. The colouring does not represent the comet's true colour, but was used to enhance some of the faint features.

Saturn, The Lord Of The Rings PDF Print E-mail
December 2003

On New Years Eve the planet Saturn will be closer to Earth and brighter than at any time in three decades. All month long, everyone can enjoy Saturn at it's finest. A similar opportunity won't come again for another 30 years. On Dec. 31 at precisely 00:00hrs, when the clock strikes midnight heralding in the new year, Saturn will be opposite the Sun in relation to Earth. That means that from our planet, Saturn will rise as the Sun sets, reaching its highest point in the southern sky at midnight and setting as the Sun rises, that's why it's called opposition.

The Star of Bethlehem PDF Print E-mail

It seems that every year, the age-old question of the possible origin of the Star of Bethlehem is asked to stargazers. Was the so-called Christmas Star an unusual, eye-catching gathering of naked-eye planets, or was that fabled "sign in the sky" a meteor, comet, nova, or indeed something supernatural?

New knowledge of the old astrological beliefs and modern computer-based planetary tables may yet shed new light on this age-old question.

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