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Committee and Membership

Founded in February 1997 by two local enthusiasts, Mr Sandy Morrison and his wife Eileen, the E.A.A.S started from humble beginnings. It soon attracted a number of local residents with the same love of astronomy.At first there were insufficient numbers to invite guest speakers and to arrange a yearly programme of meetings.

However in recent seasons we have had a programme of top speakers from the astronomical cream of Northern Ireland and it is envisaged to extend this to guests from the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. Recently we have joined with other clubs and societies from all over Ireland in forming the Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies (I.F.A.S.)

At this time the committee is made up of a Chairman and Treasurer, but all the members assist when it is required, such as returning the school hall to normal after the meetings. Over the past three years the membership has grown considerably, and there are now nearly seventy on the list, with ages ranging from nine to ninety.

Pictured below founding members Sandy & Eileen Morrison

Pictured below at EAAS meeting April 2003 Dr Mike Simms, Ulster Museum, (speaker), John McConnell Chairman of EAAS, and Alfie Snoddy (founder member).

Pictured below at EAAS meeting April 2003, Sandy, Jim Neill (Treasurer), John McConnell


All photos courtesy John Taggart Photography.


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