Programme for 2005 and 2006



  • September 5th. Dr Stephen Smartt (QUB)
    “Supernovae – Hunting Exploding Stars”
  • October 3rd. Professor Mark Bailey (Director Arm Obs)
    “The Origin of Comets and the Oort Cloud”
  • November 7th. Dr Les Gornall (EAAS)
    “The Big Flash – The Largest Solar Flare – Is It Still With Us?”
  • December 5th. Dr John Butler (Armagh Observatory)
    “The Transit of Venus in 1769, Charles Mason in Donegal & the Development of Astronomy in Ireland in the 18th Century”


  • January 9th (2nd Monday) Mr Mark Stronge (EAAS)
    “Looking Deeper into Space”
  • February 6th. The Andrew Trimble Memorial Lecture. Professor Alan Fitzsimmons (QUB)
    “Deep Impact….The Story So Far”
  • March 6th. “Beginners Night + Observing” (Weather Permitting)
  • April 3rd. Dr Apostolos Christou (Armagh)
    “Lights, Camera, Action: Observing time-variable Phenomena in the Solar System”
  • May 15th (3rd Monday) Dr Malin Starrett (EAAS)
    “The Birth of the Mechanical Clock – Cosmic Technology in the Medieval Church”

All meetings start at 8pm in the Thompson Primary School, Ballyrobert, Co.Antrim.



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