November 2003 Aurora from Maghaberry


John McConnell
  Maghaberry, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
Time and Date taken
  20th November 2003
Equipment used
  Tripod with cable release
Capturing device used
  Olympus OM-1
Technical details
  f1.8, ISO400, 15-20 seconds

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This corona image was taken on the 20th November 2003 using a Olympus OM-1 ISO400 f1.8 for 15-20 seconds. In hindsight, I could have used a shorter exposure though I still got good detail in the central corona. The triangle of bright stars in the bottom left of the image is part of the Great Square of Pegasus. The far left star of the triangle is Scheat at Mag2.4. To the right of the image is the constellation fo Cygnus.

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Aurora taken with the same equipment looking towards Cygnus on 18th November 2003.



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