Aurora Fantastic!


Mark Stronge
  Ballycopeland Windmill, County Down, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Aurora Fantastic!
Time and Date taken
  21st January 2005 1924UT - 2240UT
Equipment used
  Camera and Tripod
Capturing device used
  Canon 300D Digital Rebel, 18mm lens at f3.5
Technical details
  All images were taken at ISO400 with an exposure between 8-30 seconds

I have never seen such an amazing display of green lights in my life! The streamers and green curtains were soooo dynamic coming down from the auroral arc to the horizon and glowing brightly - really bright! There was a deep red glow near the horizon which came up and over the auroral arc with a green curtain of vertical spikes topped off with a deep red glow. The sight was fantastic. With the naked eye, I could see the colours very vivid !!! I was jumping up and down with excitement and the cops came along to enjoy the view too !!!

20050121 2230ut / Ballycopeland Windmill Aurora / Mark Stronge

Below is a mosaic stitched together using Panorama Factory software showing the Auroral Arc stretching across the Northern sky.

20050121 2215ut / Ballycopeland Windmill Aurora / Mark Stronge

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