Wide Field Comet with the Seven Sisters


Martin Campbell
  Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Wide Field Comet with the Seven Sisters
Time and Date taken
  5th January 2005 1900UT - 2230UT
Equipment used
  Vixen GP mount
Capturing device used
  Nikon FM2 with 85mm Nikkor lens at f4 and 20mm lens at f2.8
Technical details
  5 minute exposures taken with Kodak Elitechrome film ISO200 pushed to ISO400. Images scanned using Minolta elite scanner with processing in Photoshop. The evening was clear but some local light pollution interfered.

Two lovely images by Martin Campbell of Dungannon. The first image Aldebaran is seen lower left with Pleiades at top. The comet’s long blue gas (Ion) tail can be seen stretching towards the left edge of the image while the stumpy dust tail can be seen just below the comet’s green coma towards four-o-clock position. Notice the blue nebulosity in the Pleiades.

The second image below shows the comet close to the Hyades (bottom left) and the Pleiades (centre right) with the California Nebula in Perseus at the top of the image. To the left of the nebula is a line of three stars the northernmost being magnitude 7.28. The bright star below the nebula is Menkib at 3.96, while the two stars further down are Atik at 2.81 and Omicron Persei at 3.81. Notice also the strong orange colour from Aldebaran (the eye of the Bull).


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