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David Goudy Astrophotography

Lunar Eclipse from Gran Canaria, 28th October 2004.

David Goudy took this image of lenticular cloud over Moira on Sunday evening 28th December 2003.

While on holidays in Gran Canaria, EAAS member David Goudy took this excellent image showing Mars, the El Faro lighthouse and the Moon. The image was taken on 8th September at about 20:00 UTC. Athough La Palma is only 350Km away, the island of Gran Canaria suffers from very bad light pollution due to the commercialisation of the island for tourists.

The Moon and Mars meet in Maspalomas

David managed to capture some fantastic fork lightning from his house on 5th August at 19:37hrs. Exposure time was 1 second at ISO200.


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