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James Adamson Astrophotography

Venus Transit 8th June 2004


James Adamson
Ballina County Mayo
Photo Title
Venus Transit
Time and Date taken
1149hrs BST and 1204hrs BST 8th June 2004
Equipment used
Televue 85, EQ5 mount, 8mm radian eyepiece, JMI class A solar filter
Capturing device used
nikon coolpix4300
Technical details

single shot colour, ISO 200, 1/30 sec at f2.9, adjusted in registax

single shot colour, ISO 200, 1/30 sec at f3.4, adjusted in registax

It was cloudy all morning and I only got to observe the last 45 minutes of the transit through broken cloud. Venus looked spectacular against the sun's disk!

I managed to capture a few frames at third contact with my nikon camera, this image turned out the best, shortly after it clouded up and I didn't get to see fourth contact.

Great work James. In the image above you can see the only 2 sunspots on the solar disk, Venus is slightly past 3rd contact as you can just see a ring of light around the SE side which shows the diffraction of light through Venus's atmosphere. Also notice the faculae at the top right of the image. An excellent result.

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