Jupiter in RAW mode
Mark and Nigel Stronge
  Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Jupiter in RAW mode
Time and Date taken
  8th March 2004 2230UT
Equipment used
  Meade LX200 Classic 10" SCT, Meade 2inch diagonal, vibration isolation pads
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro in RAW mode
Technical details
  10fps, 1/25 sec exposure

On 8th March, ourselves (Mark and Nigel Stronge) and John McConnell, EAAS Chairman, setup 3 telescopes and started an evening's viewing and imaging. We had a Meade ETX90 Maksutov, an Orion ED 80mm APO refractor and the Meade LX200 10inch SCT all pointing skywards.

The high pressure and high humidity were causing a mist and haze to form but at the start of the evening the sky was beautifully deep for suburbia, around Mag5. By the end of the evening, after the Moon rose, the haze was much worse and this brought seeing conditions down to possibly Mag3.5 ???

We saw a lovely Io transit with Europa off to the right side of Jupiter. For capturing we used 10fps, RAW mode, and captured 6 lengths of 40 seconds which are displayed in the animation, click on the image below for the animation.

In the animation you can see the last 5 minutes of Io transiting Jupiter. As Jupiter reached it's highest point in the sky we imaged again and got the result below. You can see how far Io and Europa have moved in just 2 hours with the Great Red Spot now visible.

Below is another capture of Jupiter using the TouCam in normal mode and then de-interlaced in Paint Shop Pro (required).



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