Jupiter Conjunction


Paul Evans

  Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
Website   http://www.pevans.me.uk
Photo Title
  Jupiter Conjunction
Time and Date taken
  7th December 2004 0730UT
Equipment used
  200mm f3.5 lens
Capturing device used
  Minolta SLR body with a Philips TouCam Pro 2 digital back
Technical details
  AVI captured with K3CCDTools, aligned, stacked and processed in Registax

Here is a conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon at 23 days taken on the morning of December 7th 2004. Three of Jupiter’s moons are visible - from the top - Callisto, Ganymede and Europa. Io was very close to Jupiter at the time and is caught in the glare.

The photo is in fact a composite of two - necessary in order to accommodate the very different magnitudes of the Moon at minus 11 and the moons at plus 6! The picture was shot with my Minolta bodied Toucam through a 200mm f3.5 lens captured with K3CCDTools, stacked and processed with Registax 2 and merged with Photoshop Elements 2.

Viewed from North America Jupiter was occulted by the Moon, but here in Northern Ireland we had to settle for less than half a degree of separation.


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