Summer Mars
  James Adamson
  Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland
Photo Title
  Summer Mars
Time and Date taken
  8th August 2005 0305ut
Equipment used
  Celestron 8inch SCT at f/30. EQ5 mount, UV/IR filter
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro 2
Technical details
  25fps, 1/25sec. 1400 frames aligned and stacked in registax v3. RGB colour aligned with Registax and colour balanced in Paint Shop Pro

On the early hours of August 8th I got up out of bed to see a beautiful sight of Mars rising in the east. I set up my 8inch SCT on my eq5 mount. It was very mild and calm, seeing was very good. I decided to set up my laptop and TouCam to get some avis. The seeing conditions allowed me to use my telescope at f/30. The resulting image after processing shows some major features, Terra Meridiani crossing the disk, Hellas and Syrtis Major were just coming into view.

The view through the eyepiece was wonderful! I used 250x and 300x to observe. Its disk was crisp and sharp with a wealth of detail. The polar cap stood out wonderfully against the darker features. Syrtis Major was just coming into view; Hellas was on view as well.

It was well worth the effort getting up in the early hours to experience this!!!

Clear skies...




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