2005 opposition of Mars in pictures


Martin Campbell
  Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  2005 Opposition of Mars
Time and Date taken
  October / November 2005
Equipment used
  Takahashi 5inch refractor, Vixen GP-DX equatorial mount
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro
Technical details
  5fps and later 10fps 1/25 sec shutter, (colour correction in Paint Shop Pro by Mark Stronge)

EAAS Member Martin Campbell has been busy this last month taking images of Mars on every available clear night and has gone from Webcam novice to an experienced user in just one month. This progression of quality has been a gentle learning curve for Martin and he has now collected a month's worth which is an invaluable record of the 2005 Mars opposition. You can also see how the distance of Mars is changing as you have used the same magnification throughout. Congratulations Martin on this achievement and keep up the good work.

On Haloween evening, between the rain, I managed to image Mars with my 5" Takahashi and a philip's toucam at F40 and I must have recorded 40-60GB of images. This was my first attempt at using a webcam.

On the weekend of 6th November I captured these images.

On the 8th I captured a single video clip but the seeing wasn't good. Patience was rewarded on the 13th as the seeing improved and I think I am getting the hang of this imaging with a webcam.

The seeing was good on the 19th and 20th November and I captured a number of video clips of around 1500 frames which I processed in Registax. As you can see, I am still working on the processing techniques.

A fine collection Martin and one that I would be proud of. The good thing about processing is that you can keep the unprocessed stacked images out of registax and try out different techniques until you're happy. The one before the last is particularly good and has good colour rendition.


New re-processed best of Mars 2005



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