Meteor Watch
Conor McDonald
  Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Meteor Watch
Time and Date taken

6/7th August 2005

Equipment used
  camera and tripod
Capturing device used
  Canon Digital IXUS 2 3 Megapixel Digital Camera
Technical details
  ISO400 30seconds

Last night we observed from about 11:30pm and the sky's were great! There was some really nice meteor activity as well, just when i went to talk to martin a lovely Perseid grazed the sky which was green and had a lovely train which sat there and glowed up for about 3 or 4secs. When i got out i did a meteor watch and looked at the amazing sky while martin searched and showed me many objects in the sky. At 1:30am we went out to the football pitch to observe meteors as the activity was so good. At that time we were on a count of around 22. As the night went on i kept taking exposures of the sky hoping to a catch a meteor with 30secs. An hour or so later i pointed the camera over head and clicked but nothing appeared . As i checked my image i couldn't believe it! I caught a meteor which i hadn't even picked up with my own eyes, i had done it, mission complete We stayed out until 4am and pushed the dark skis to there very last min. Over all we seen 63 meteors! After just checking my images to day i have got another 2meteors on camera 2 Perseid's and 1 Southern Delta Aquarid ! What a night.


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