Moon with 8inch Dob


John C McConnell
  Maghaberry, County Down, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Moon with 8inch Dob
Time and Date taken
  2nd December 2004 0007UT
Equipment used
  8.5inch Dobsonian, Meade Series 4000 20mm plossl
Capturing device used
  Digimaster S320 3.2 mega pixels
Technical details
  Single shot of the 19 day old moon with the camera hand held to a 20mm
EP. Telescope was an 8.5-inch Dobsonian. Unsharp mask in Paint Shop Pro.

20041202 0007UT / Moon / John McConnell

Although this was a very clear night the seeing was not perfect. Striking features along the terminator include at top Aristoteles and Eudoxus, the Apollo 11 landing site,and the Theophilus chain, and the Altai Mountains. Note how circular Tycho and Clavius are because of the southeast libration. On the limb just below Grimaldi you can see the Rook Mountains which are the western rim of the Mare Orientale, normally a 'farside' feature, but partly visible when libration is just right. Some features near the Moon's South Pole are also visible.



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