A tale of 3 spacecraft
  John McConnell
  Maghaberry, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Time and Date taken
  4th April 2006
Equipment used
  Meade ETX90 f/13.8 at prime focus
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro 2
Technical details
  approx. 300 frames aligned and stacked in Registax

This image was taken on April 4th 2006. It shows a wide view of the landing site of Apollo 11 on the 20th July 1969. But it also shows some other interesting formations as well as the crash site for Ranger 8 on 17th February 1965 and the soft lander Surveyor 5 on 8th September 1967. Of course these manmade spacecraft cannot be seen on the images, as they are too small, but the white (+) marks their site as accurately as I can.

Look for the crater Arago in the centre of the image, and to its left you can see the Arago Domes. These features are only well seen when close to the terminator, and are roughly 12 miles across, but only a few hundred feet high. They are known as Arago Alpha and Beta on some maps.

Above these is the (12-mile) crater Maclear: This crater has an Irish connection having been called for Sir Thomas Maclear (1794-1879). Maclear was born in County Tyrone and in 1834 was appointed H.M Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope.

Also of interest is the (18-mile) crater Sabine: This was called for Sir Edward Sabine, the Geophysicist, who was born in Dublin in 1788. Enjoy!

For the colour image, and on the suggestion of Martin McKenna, I gave this one a try with the colour exaggerated. Well, it surprised even me, this puts quite a different complexion on the Mare Tranquillitatis. This is one for the geologists! Thanks for the suggestion Martin!


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