Schickard and Schiller


Mark Stronge
  Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Schickard and Schiller
Time and Date taken
  December 2002
Equipment used
  Meade LX90 8inch SCT, MaxView 40mm eyepiece coupled afocally to camera
Capturing device used
  Minolta Dimage 7 5Mp
Technical details
  Single image with manual exposure, sharpened in Paint Shop Pro

The large crater near the centre of the image is called Schickard and is about 134 miles in diameter, one of the biggest on the moon, beside it is the lava filled plateau called Wargentin which is about 55 miles across and rising to 1400 feet about the outer surface! Schiller is the long crater near the bottom, it is 112 miles in length and 60 miles wide.

(Thanks to John McC for his in depth knowledge of the moon).



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