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February 2003

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The weather conditions for astro-imaging are so important. We tried some more of Jupiter and Saturn to see if we could improve upon our previous efforts, but the air turbulence and humidity were not good. Imaging Jupiter seems to be more of a challenge than Saturn. The middle part of this month is Moon imaging time as the sky is too bright to do any more deep sky.

Imaging Jupiter has been difficult so we fine tuned the collimation. As you can see below, the benefits are clear.


After some fine tuning collimation on a star using the webcam in place, we came up with this photo of Jupiter. We limited our capture time to 2minutes as the rotation of Jupiter is very fast and could effect the stacking process. You can clearly see cloud details and the GRS.

To see the full res. moon mosaic, click here

Image details are included in the full resolution mosaic. 12 images out of 114 were used to piece together this moon shot on the 8th day of lunation. We took this one of Jupiter on the same night as the moon. The moonlight effected viewing visually which caused a milkyness to the sky.
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