Sunspot 775 and 776


  John C McConnell
  Maghaberry, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Sunspot 775 and 776
Time and Date taken

11th June 2005 1016ut

Equipment used
  Meade ETX 90mm, Thousand Oaks Glass Solar Filter
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro 2
Technical details
  5fps, 1/100 shutter spped, approx. 303 frames aligned, stacked and wavelet processed in Registax. Final de-interlace in Paint Shop Pro

Sunspot groups AR775 and AR776 were very prominent on centre of the disk on June 11th, and before any amount of cloud could gather I managed an avi of 303 frames with the Toucam Pro 2 attached to the ETX 90mm with the Thousand Oaks +2 glass filter. I have been closely watching and imaging these groups for about a week and the change has been remarkable in just a few days. However, big and complex as they are, they have so far failed to produce any large outbursts or CME’s to produce an aurora.

The image below shows these groups on the morning of June 11th 2005 imaged at 1014UT. Images were stacked and wavelet used in Registax and de-interlaced. Image was then colourized in Paint Shop Pro 8. Look for the “crochet effect” in the penumbra which distinctly shows the spots as "a hollow”. This effect is difficult to image with a small telescope. Nevertheless, with this great amount of images stacked it does bring it to prominence. It will be interesting to follow these groups off the disk in about a week’s time from writing.


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