Sunspot 808, formerly 798


  John C McConnell
  Maghaberry, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Sunspot 808, formerly 798
Time and Date taken

11th September 2005 1055ut

Equipment used
  Meade ETX 90mm, Thousand Oaks Glass Solar Filter
Capturing device used
  Philips TouCam Pro 2
Technical details
  5fps, 1/100 shutter speed, 373 frames aligned, stacked and wavelet processed in Registax. Final de-interlace and colourise in Paint Shop Pro

Solar activity remains very high and shows no signs of abating. Sunspot 798/808 has unleashed seven X-class solar flares since Sept. 7th. Forecasters say there's a 75% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours, and in the week ahead, possibly causing radio blackouts and radiation storms.

Coronal mass ejections hurled into space by these explosions could hit Earth's magnetic field in the days ahead. Sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. The best time to look is around local midnight.

The sun's 27-day rotation is slowly turning sunspot 798/808 to face Earth. Explosions in the coming week will be increasingly Earth-directed, raising the possibility of geomagnetic storms and auroras.

As the forecast for tomorrow dosen't sound too good this is probably my last shot at AR808. The spot has decayed rapidly over the last few days and this is all that remains. I doubt very much if it will survive another crossing of "the other side", however it was a beauty while it lasted.

This image was taken after lunch in a wee clear slot. 18th September 2005.


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