Sunspots 865 and 866


Veronica Kelly
Time and Date taken
  31st March 2006
Equipment used
Capturing device used
  Afocal through 9mm eyepiece
Technical details
  Handheld capture through 9mm eyepiece, Contrast adjusted, sharpened and colourized in Paint Shop Pro

The detail through the 9mm eyepice was super, I even managed to see the pale threads next to sunspot 866 which I've never been able to see with any other sunspot.

Congratulations Veronica! For only starting out in capturing images, this is tremendous. The detail was in the image, you just have to know how to bring it out. The focus was perfect and handholding the camera was succussful and very steady. Great going.

Hope this encourages u to take some more!

Mark Stronge


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