Contemplation and the Lunar Corona
Martin McKenna
  Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Contemplation and the Lunar Corona
Time and Date taken
  18th March 2004 1958UT (Corona)
Equipment used
  Camera and Tripod
Capturing device used
  Fuji Finepix E510 5Megapixel Digital Camera
Technical details
  ISO400, f3.7, 2 seconds (Corona)

Martin McKenna, Maghera

Triple balloon formation taken on March 19th several hours before sunset. ISO100, Auto mode, handheld. These balloons where an unexpected suprise! Conor and I had made our way out to the country to a location approx 1 mile from our own homes. Our orginal intention was to find a good location where we can watch the sunet and get some images maybe with the hope of spotting a solar pillar or a 'mock sun'. Our plan was intercepted by the close approach of not 1 but 3 large hotair balloons that had just rose from distant fields in the east, we watched them slowly drift westward accompanied by the periodic sound of rushing air produced by the flames. It was a lovely sight. The image is just one of a selection I snapped that evening.

Telescope image taken on March 13th ISO 200, 2 sec exposure, tripod mounted. I was out in the bright evening twilight observing planet Mercury with my 90mm ETX. I had also uncovered the 16" reflector so I could let it cool down for a planned evening of lunar and comet Machholz observations. I snapped the moon as it sat over the mouth of the 16". Soon the clouds would move in for the remainder of the night.


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