ISS passes Jupiter
  Daniel McGlashin
  Frosses, County Donegal
Photo Title
  ISS passes Jupiter
Time and Date taken
  ISS 1- 2145ut 12th May 2005
ISS 2- 2111ut 13th May 2005
Equipment used
  Digital camera and small tripod
Capturing device used
  Fuji FinePix S7000
Technical details
  ISO 400, f 2.8, 8mm, 15 second exposure

This is my first attempt to image the ISS. The two images where taken from the same location on consecutive days. You can see the changes in its orbit from my location from the two images.

Comparing photos like this is fascinating as you can predict what direction and altitude the ISS is travelling at. Mark Stronge also took a photo of the ISS on 12th May which shows the ISS passing just below Jupiter. Daniel's photo shows the ISS passing above Jupiter showing how the difference in location can change the perspective.


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