Lightning Strikes Over Maghera!!!
  Martin McKenna
  Maghera, County Londonderry
Photo Title
  Lightning Strikes Over Maghera!!!
Time and Date taken
  18th/19th June 2005 2239ut
Equipment used
  camera and tripod
Capturing device used
  Fujifilm Finepix E510 5MP digital camera
Technical details
  ISO400/2 sec exposure/Auto Mode/tripod mounted.....raw images. Not touched up.

A tremendous lightning storm arrived over Maghera tonight from 23.00. We did a watch until 03.40 from a location close to our home which was high up on a hill and gave a great panoramic view over the town and surrounding country side. We seen lightning all night but it peaked around midnight and that level of activity was very high for approx 30mins. Tremendous over head light explosions appeared with awesome thunder then quickly developed into sheet type lightning that travelled from the SW to the NE. These where fantastically bright and lit the country side like daylight with white and red colours.

Conor and I took images all through the night. I aimed the camera to the east and took image after image. I must have gone through 150 images before I got very lucky and caught the sky brightening up. When I examined the image in the viewfinder I was shocked to discover that I had caught 2 lightning strikes hitting the distant county side beyond station road!! I was pleased beyond belief.

A short time afterwards we seen a fire engine heading out that direction followed by the electricity going out in the country side to the east of the strike. This is a night and image I won’t forget.

Martin McKenna


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