Summer Milky Way from Castle Ward


Jarlath Quinn
  Castle Ward , County Down, Northern Ireland
Photo Title
  Summer Milky Way from Castle Ward
Time and Date taken
  8th August 2005 0037ut
Equipment used
  Camera and tripod
Capturing device used
  Canon 350D 8MP digital SLR
Technical details
  ISO1600, f3.5, 28mm, 30sec exposure

I spotted this photo of Castle Ward on the BBC Sky@Night magazine website and after a quick "Google", contacted Jarlath Quinn for permission to add this beautiful milky way image to the EAAS website. Many thanks to Jarlath for sharing this with us. In the centre of the frame is the wonderful coathanger cluster which is just beyond naked eye viewing.


Hi Mark, I’m actually from Downpatrick but I live in Surrey. I always go to Castleward for a week in August. This year we had some very clear nights (although not on the night of the Perseids peak). Nevertheless, the stableyard in Castleward is one of the darkest sites I’ve ever viewed from. I didn’t have a scope with me (although I have a Vixen VC200-L on a GP-DX at home) so I just propped the Canon 350d camera up on one of the picnic tables and pointed it at the clock tower. I took a 30 second exposure at iso 1600 – that’s still enough to see star trails when you zoom in, but it looks ok if you reduce the size of the final pic. I emailed the picture to the national trust but the mail bounced back. I just wanted the staff at Castleward to see it.

Good luck with the Mars night




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