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A Short History of Nearly Everything 978-0552997041 B Bryson
Astronomy Now 3 editions from 2007    
Astronomy: An Introduction to the Universe  978-3-89836-599-4 Eds. S Dieters. Dr N Pailer, S Deyerler
Atlas of the Night Sky 978-0007172238 Storm Dunlop
Beagle: From Darwin's Epic Voyage to the British Mission to Mars 978-0571223237 Colin Pilinger
Black Holes and Baby Universes (And Other Essays) 978-0708933930 S Hawking
Collins How to Identify the Night Sky   978-0007181643 Wil Tirion & Storm Dunlop
Dark Side of the Moon (The Magnificent Madness of the American Lunar Quest) 978-0224075930 G De Groot
Fifty Years in Space (What we thought then, what we know now) 978-1904332602 D A Hardy & Patrick Moore
Guinness Book of Astronomy Facts and Feats (1979) 978-0900424762 Patrick Moore (Editor)
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat (Quantum Physics and Reality) 978-0552125550 J Gribbin
Just Six Numbers (The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe 978-0753810224 M Rees
Longitude 978-0007214228 D Sobel
Moondust (Experiences of the Men who walked on the Moon) 978-0747563693 A Smith
Nature's Numbers (Discovering Order & Pattern in the Universe) 978-0753805305 I Stewart
Newton 978-0099287384 P Ackroyd
Norton's Star Atlas & Reference Book (20th ed) 978-0131451643 Ed by I Ridpath
Origins: The Evolution of Continents, Oceans & Life 978-1841881928 R Redfern
Our Cosmic Habitat 978-0691089263 M Rees
Patrick Moore - On The Moon 978-1-844035-36-6 Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore: The Autobiography 978-0750940146 Patrick Moore
Philips Astrobox 978-0540084135  John Woodruff
Philips Atlas of the Universe 978-0540087914 Sir P Moore
Philip's Atlas of the Universe (revised edition) 978-0-540-08791-4 Patrick Moore
Philip's Guide to Stars & Planets 978-0540089352 Patrick Moore
Sky & Telescope 4 editions from 2007    
Space: The Ultimate Challenge (An Astronaut's Challenge) 978-0941434744 J Allen
Stardust: A Scientific Explanation of "The Cosmic recycling of stars, planets & people" 978-0713993363 J Gribben
Stars & Planets - An Illustrated A_Z 978-1904041764 I Nicolson
The Glass Bathyscape (How Glass Changed the World) 978-1861974006  A MacFarlane & G Martin
The Long Summer (How Climate Changed Civilisation 978-0465022823 B Fagan
The New Atlas of the Stars: Consteallations, Stars & Celestial Objects 978-1554071029 A Mellinger & S M Hoffmann
The New CCD Astronomy 978-0971123700 Ron Wodaski
The Nothing That Is (A Natural History of Zero) 978-0195142372 R Kaplan
The Observer's Book of Astronomy 978-0723200932 Patrick Moore
The Shocking History of Phosphorous (A Biography of the Devil's Element) 978-0330390057  John Emsley
The Usborne Book of Astronomy & Space 978-0746031056 Alastair Smith
Time Travel in Einstein's Universe (The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time 978-0753813492 J R Gott
Universe: A Journey from the Earth to the Edge of the Cosmos 978-1905204007 N Cheetham
Visions of the Universe: The Latest Discoveries in Space Revealed 978-1840009743 Dr A Prinja
What's Out There: Images from the Edge of the Universe 978-1844831616 Redfern, Hopkins, Nolletti & Soluri



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