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Beginners Night Pics!

April 8th 2002

The evening of April the 8th saw a night reserved for beginners. Special guest speakers Andy McCrea (North Down Telescopes), and IAA member George Brannan gave an informative talk on choosing and using simple equipment such as binoculars to enhance your enjoyment of the night sky.

Members shown to the right and below examine a variety of telescopes and giant binoculars before going out to observe stars planets and of course the comet!

EAAS are indebted to both speakers who came all the way from Bangor, Co.Down and gave their talks at very short notice. Special thanks to George  Brannan in particular who  was kind enough to bring along his home made (and very high quality) 6" Dobsonian mount reflector.

EAAS member shown left, examines the Dobsonian and is impressed with it's optics and ease of use.

Just goes to show that astronomy doesn't have to be an expensive hobby with a little skill and ingenuity!

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