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October 6th EAAS Meeting Report
6th October 2003


About sixty people attended what was a very popular lecture at our 6 October meeting, this comes close to the attendence record we had at our Stardome Planetarium meeting of last year. The speakers were EAAS Members Mark and Nigel Stronge, and their subject was "Astrophotography on A Budget". Explaining how easy astrophotography isThey covered every aspect of digital astrophotography, and used a power point display to show many of their own images of the Moon,Planets and Deep Sky objects,in incredible detail. They showed how easy it was by setting up their 10" Meade LX200 and focusing it on a sign outside the school and displaying the image onto the screen, and then by using different computer programs they stacked and processed the images giving the final result.

For the digital astrophotography internet resources mentioned in the talk, Click Here.

Question timeBefore the meeting started proper, a very informative ten minute talk was given by Dr Andy McCrea, (IAA President) on the constellation Pegasus. This was geared towards beginners and everyone got a starchart and information so they could find the constellation at their convenience, and try to find the many delights it holds for telescopes, binoculars and the naked eye!

Vote of thanks for the talk by John McFarland, Armagh ObservatoryFollowing questions, a vote of thanks was given by John McFarland, (Armagh Observatory), which was followed by a presentation by the Chairman on behalf of the Society in recognition of the speakers having their image accepted for the NASA APOD site on September 2.

Also at the meeting was visitor Dr Julio Fernandez, from the Institute of Astronomy, in Montevideo, one of the world's leading experts on Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects, who was visiting at the Armagh Observatory.

Mark and Nigel being presented gifts for their effortsDr. Julio Fernandez visits the EAAS



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