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EAAS Meeting report April 2004

The April meeting was one for the Space enthusiasts, and was delivered by EAAS members Ryan Johnston and William Patterson, and was entitled “The Space Shuttle”.

April was a most appropriate month for the talk, as 12th April, 1981 saw the very first space shuttle, Columbia, launched into space becoming the first of a series of reusable spacecraft.

This was a well researched power point presentation not only using stills but video as well, which gave the audience a flavour of what it is actually like to go into orbit and return to Earth on board a Shuttle.

In its 23-year history, the space shuttle programme has seen exhilarating highs and devastating lows. The fleet has taken astronauts on dozens of successful missions, resulting in immeasurable scientific gains. However, this success has had a serious cost. In 1986, the Challenger exploded during launch procedures, and on February 1st 2003, the Columbia broke up during re-entry over Texas .

Click on the link to find out more about the Shuttle in an exhilarating article by Dr Craig Freudenrich. http://travel.howstuffworks.com/space-shuttle.htm/

The EAAS was also delighted to have an impressive display of Space Memorabilia set up by member Derek Heatly which included a small section of actual Space Shuttle heat resistant tile. Many of the items such as Mission Patches etc were offered for sale with the proceeds going to Leukaemia Research.


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