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News by Date
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Professor Bailey honoured with MBE


Royal Mail launch Sky At Night Stamps with the EAAS

2007 Lunar Eclipse Night at Ballyearl

Leonid Meteor shower 2006


EAAS visit to the Armagh Planetarium

Christmas Star Show

Comet 2006 M4 SWAN

2006 Orionids observing


Armagh Observatory Perseid Report

2006 Perseid BBQ and observing success

Partial Lunar Elcipse 7th September 2006

The Moon rising

Naming of Asteroid 42531
Martin McMcKenna with asteroid discoverer, David Asher
2006 Lyrid Meteor Watch
March 3rd 2006 EAAS Messier Marathon Report

29th March 2006 Solar Eclipse Reports

Armagh Observatory Eclipse Press Release

2006 Perseid BBQ

Comet 73P Schwachmann-Wachmann 3

2006 Lyrid Meteor Watch

EAAS Member Receives Top IAU Award

2006 Messier Marathon

Armagh Observatory Eclipse Press Release

29th March 2006 Solar Eclipse

Death of David Sinden
29th August 2005

Mars Watch 2005

Deep Impact is Coming
4th July 2005

October 2005 Solar Eclipse from Northern Ireland

Pat Corvan Asteriod named
May 2005

Calver returns home
31st May 2005


April Observing Session
2nd April 2005
April Observing Session

Public Observing Session
22nd January 2005
Public Observing at Maghera

Observing Comet Machholz
12th January 2005
Martin McKenna observing Comet Machholz

Lunar Eclipse Washout
28th October 2004
Lunar Eclipse taken by James Adamson


Armagh Observatory opens Human Orrery
26th November 2004

Barbeque and Perseid Watch
August 2004

Venus Transit
June 2004

Messier Marathon on Slieve Croob
March 2004

ISS Solar Transit
February 2004

Dr Andrew McCrea MBE awarded
January 2004

Queen Mary 2 hosts the world's 1st onboard planetarium
January 2004

Encke comet
January 2004

EAAS Member returns from the edge of space
November 2003
Click here for the full report

Saturn, Lord of the Rings
December 2003
Saturn, as seen from the approaching Cassini spacecraft

Aurora over Ireland
November 2003

October 2003
Taken by James Adamson, Co.Mayo

Queen Mary 2 to host world's first onboard planetarium
September 2003

Mars Opposition Star Party
August 2003
Mars as seen from the Big Colin Picnic area

Astro Day
June 2003

Solar Eclipse from Ireland
May 2003

Tribute to the brave crew of the space shuttle Columbia
April 2003

Honour for Terry Moseley
January 2003

Fire destroys National Observatory in Canberra Australia
January 2003

Tribute to famous comet hunter, Yuji Hyakutake
April 2002


Reference Information
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Astronomy Formulae
by Andy Johnston

Here is a set of formulae and numbers that I have always wished was in one place.  Now they are.  Enjoy.

f ratio (or focal ratio) = ?

True field of view = ?

Eyepiece exit pupil diameter = ?

Lowest power useful eyepiece = ?

Find out the answers on our Astronomy Formulae article.


Choosing a telescope

A Short Guide to Choosing Eyepieces
by Neil Paterson

Jam Jar magnetometer

Atmospheric Optics - Rainbows - Part One

Atmospheric Optics - Halos - Part Two

Telrad finder review

Telrad 3 sgrew adjustment

Ursid Meteors

Ursids Radiant

Setting up a meteor observing station by Apostolis Christou

Schwassmann-Wachmann 3


Strathspey 25x100mm Binoculars

Keeping An Astronomical Log Book

Visual Comet Hunting

Setting Up A Meteor Observing Station

Dobsonian Refurbishment Project
Dobsonian Refurbishment Project

Red Light Pen
Red Light Pen

The Geminid Meteor Shower

Lyrid Meteors in April

Learn about the Solar System

Understanding Solar Features and Observing

Glossary of Astronomical Terms


A - Z

The Seasons

The Persieds

The Leonids

About Venus

Learn the Constellations

Ursa Major and Canes Venatici

Corona Borealis, Boötes and Coma Berenices

Hercules and Lyra



Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Perseus

Find out more about the night sky and where to find all the
wonderful and beautiful constellations, stars, planets and nebulae.

Here is a link to an excellent article at IrishAstronomy.com.

Come along to our next meeting
and learn about the wonders of creation.

Click here to find out where and when

Solar Observing techniques

Noctilucent Clouds

Performance improvement for achromats

Irish Astronomical History

The History of Daramona
Daramona c.1900

Aidan Fitzgerald Award

Eclipses on Mars
Image taken by Stronge Brothers in August 2003

Star of Bethlehem

Orion the Hunter
Power Point Presentation
Click here to view a star chart for your location


Meeting Reports
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January 2008

Short talks on astronomy

February 2008

Tree Rings and Cosmic Events

March 2008

The Five "W"s of Astronomy

April 2008

Astronomy in Education

May 2008

Designing and building a home observatory

September 2008

Going To The Stars

October 2008


November 2008


December 2008



January 2007

Introduction to Widefield Astrophotography

February 2007

The Universe in a grain of sand

March 2007

Setting up a home meteor station

April 2007

Beginners Night and Observing

May 2007


September 2007

Of planets, asteroids and comets - a tour through the Solar System

October 2007

Weather and Astronomy

November 2007

The Sun an Exciting Introduction

December 2007



January 2006

Looking deeper into Space

February 2006

Deep Impact : the story so far

March 2006

Beginners Night

April 2006

Lights, Camera, Action! Observing time variable phenomenae in the Solar System

May 2006


September 2006

Mobile Planetarium, Beginners Night And Observing

October 2006

Solar Flares and Space Weather

November 2006

Asteroids, comets, meteors and impacts

December 2006

Making Models of Stars


January 2005


February 2005

Beginners Night

March 2005

Solar Mysteries Revealed

April 2005

Creation Cosmology

May 2005

Encouraging Youth into Space

September 2005

Supernovae and hunting the culprit stars

October 2005

The Origin of comets and the Oort Cloud

November 2005

The Big Flash – The Largest Solar Flare – Is It Still With Us?

December 2005

The Transit of Venus in 1769, Charles Mason in Donegal & the Development of Astronomy in Ireland in the 18th Century


January 2004

How far are the stars?

February 2004

The Leonid Meteors

March 2004

Observing the Planets….What can you see?

April 2004

The Space Shuttle

May 2004

Preparation for the Venus transit

September 2004

The Solar System

October 2004

Some Astronomical Cover-Ups

November 2004

Extra-Solar Planets

December 2004

From the blue sky to the Zodiacal Light


January 2003

Armagh Planetarium StarDome

February 2003

Giant Comets

March 2003

Beginner's Night

April 2003

Meteorites and Mass Extinctions: Rogue Asteroids or Red Herrings

May 2003

Great Comets of the 20th Century

September 2003

At the Edge of Space

October 2003

Astrophotography on A Budget

November 2003

Our Closest Star - A beginners Guide

December 2003

Aliens, where are they?


January 2002

The Mini Planetarium Show

February 2002

Living with a Star : Our Dynamic Sun

March 2002

The Life and Times of Stars

April 2002

Beginners Night

May 2002

Building a Garden Observatory

September 2002

The Weather & Climate of Northern Ireland

October 2002

Beginners Night and Observing

November 2002

Meteors and the 2002 Leonid Storms

December 2002

Surveying the Skies for Hazardous Asteroids
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