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27th August 2003 Mars Star Party - Photo Gallery

Thankyou to all EAAS members who turned up at such short notice at the Big Collin Picnic Park. Mars was shining brightly throughout the evening as we slewed the scopes to M13, M27, M31, M33, M45, M51, M57, M81, M82, M101 and more. Uranus was a beautiful turquiose blue and the milky-way was like a blanket of stars. The star party commenced at 9pm and went on for over 4 hours as the conditions were excellent. We had many passing visitors who wondered at the starry sky and were able to view the wonders through the range of telescopes and binoculars on offer. The BBC were also there to record the event which was broadcast the next morning on BBC Radio Ulster. Mars' closest approach ever was remarkable with the polar caps and surface details visible, even with modest equipment and over the next few months, Mars will be well worth viewing.

Out of this night, one photo was featured on the NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day which brought thousands of visitors flooding to the EAAS website.

Mmm, I was right about the forecastWow, Mars looks great tonightThe Seven Sisters and the constellations of the Eastern sky

Candles and hot teaIt's getting a bit cold?Alfie Snoddy and his LX90 ?

Is that John McC wearing a cap?The BBC were here to record the eventLooking at Mars through the 10 inch

Look at that Fireball (Sorry no photo of it :-)Click here for details of how Mars was captured


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