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20th November 2003 Aurora

Wasn't that some light show? In my 46 years of observing I have never seen anything like it! I have never seen it so far south of the zenith before, it was amazing!

~~~ What is the aurora and what causes it? ~~~

Mark and Nigel Stronge have just taken some beautiful aurora images from Comber, Northern Ireland. Click here for a slideshow and some lovely images of the corona.

James Adamson, County Mayo, has also taken some beautiful shots of the aurora and of the sunspots that are causing nature's fireworks display. Click here.

John McFarland from the Armagh Observatory got some nice aurora images. Click here.

"These are a couple of the snaps I took on 20th Nov,2003 at approx. 2030 - 2100hrs. I used a Practica SLR with a 50mm lens loaded with ISO800 Fuji film and exposed for 8 - 10 secs. Light pollution was bad as I live in Antrim town. First pic was taken facing the north east the second directly above the house. I estimate this was peak period during the evening. Regards, Carl Reade." Click here for images.



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