Over the Moon with the Partial Eclipse 2006

EAAS members around Northern Ireland viewed a spectacular partial lunar eclipse on 7th September as the Moon rose above the horizon. Cameras were at the ready as the moon rose in the east at 8pm.

One member noted, "I was scanning the horizon, looking for the Moon with my binoculars when suddenly I looked up and it was grinning at me!"

The Moon rising

The dark shadow of the Earth on the Moon was quite apparent to observers. The distinctive copper red colour is due to dust in the Earth's atmosphere reflecting the shorter wavelengths of light just the same way we see a red sunset. As the Moon creeped above the horizon, members of the East Antrim Astronomiacl Society from County Down to County Mayo were enjoying this natural spectacle. The lensing effect of the atmosphere made the Moon look elongated and with the moon also at its closest approach to Earth (perigee) it was a larger than life experience for everyone.

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