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February 23rd 2002

The Armagh Observatory has kindly sponsored the printing of a new brochure for the Society, to coincide with the Fifth Anniversary Lecture for EAAS held on Monday February 18th.

Although a few hundred of the old brochures have gone out to prospective members, the information therein is basically the same, but with the added advantage of a few illustrations. It is professionally printed on good quality colourful paper and tastefully designed to catch the eye.

We sincerely thank the Director, Professor Mark Bailey and his staff for their generous contribution, also our own member, Pastor David Goudy for doing the groundwork on its production, and The Dargan Press for their assistance in the printing.

If you wish to find out more about our sponsors please see the link below:

Armagh Observatory

For more information or copies of the brochure please contact the Club Chairman, John McConnell via:




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