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Society thanks Julie Thompson from Armagh Planetarium for her Stardome Presentation

Tuesday January  22nd 2002

click here for more info on the stardome visit to EAAS

From: "Julie Thompson"

To: "John C McConnell, EAAS"

Subject: Thank you

21 Jan 2021 13:03:13 -0000

Dear John

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers that your association has sent to me.   They are absolutely gorgeous and they have been filling my office with the most wonderful smell all week (see attached photo).

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to get in touch with you but I have had quite a hectic week and I haven't been in the office much.

I hope this email arrives with you before your next EAAS meeting as I would very much like you to thank your members on my behalf.  It was a lovely gesture and I really appreciate it. 

John, I hope together we can strengthen the links between Armagh Planetarium and the EAAS, and it would be my pleasure to bring Stardome back to Ballyrobert next year.

Thanks again,Julie


Ms Julie Thompson, Armagh Planetarium

College Hill,Armagh,N. Ireland, BT61 9DB

Armagh Planetarium


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