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Transit at Stonehenge
by Philip Matchett

Unfortunately I was unable to attend your transit day but I am glad that you had some success between the clouds!! I was however in England last week and although I couldn't take my telescope with me, I did remember to take a pair of 12x50 binoculars and a small sheet of solar filter film!!So last thing on Monday night I stuck the film to one side of the binoculars and set the alarm clock for 0600!!Slept in but did get up for 0730... Looked out the window... perfect morning. I was staying in a B&B in Bath and was able to view the transit from the front door!! When I went out I was really surprised that I was able to get such a good view... since I have never bothered to look at the sun before and had just assembled the filter the previous night. After approx 30mins viewing and letting everyone else who were staying in the hotel have a look (Is it that black dot???...) I went for breakfast!! My wife and I were over on holiday and on that day we had decided to visit Stonehenge. I arrived in the carpark down there at 1000 and the first thing I did was jump out of the car and grab the binoculars to have another look. Got another great view as the transit had moved on quite a bit, but to my surprise when I took the binoculars away and looked around me there was a group of people standing waiting for a view. I had parked beside a couple of coaches and the people had seen what I was up to and had came over for a look. I had people from all over the world wanting to have a quick view of the sun. I could have stood there all day showing people the transit and I must say I'm a bit surprised no astronomy club decided to hold an event there, Stonehenge being located in a large open space and the way it is connected to the sun would have made this a great venue!! I found out from the tourist information available that since the early 18th century it has been widely believed that there is an astrono