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Public Observing

Telescope nights are normally announced at the monthly Meetings, and are usually held at the home of Mr Morrison, where there is a good dark site. They are usually convened four times a season, around the time of a first quarter moon. Sometime, if there is time, observing would follow the speaker meetings from the school play-ground.

Equipment Used In Club

This is made up of a range of equipment from binoculars to telescopes of various sizes, mainly owned by the members. A few years ago the family of the late Andrew Hunter, a founding member, donated his 10 inch dobsonian to the society; and this is by far the largest instrument available to us.

US Mirror

While attending the visit to the Armagh Observatory by the Antique Telescope Society in December 2002, John McConnell made friends with a chap called Robert Royce from Northford, Connecticut, who makes astronomical instruments. Here's his website. Robert has offered the society an 8-inch F8 mirror in the hope that we can find enough interested to make a club telescope. The mirror was very slightly damaged on the reverse side during manufacture and because of this he cannot offer it for sale. It is otherwise in perfect condition and only needs coated; we could certainly make a lovely Dobsonian out of it. If anyone is interested in this project, please contact John McConnell below.



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