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December 3rd Meeting

Mr Robert Dick ( EAAS ) Presents his talk on " Cameras Binoculars and Telescopes" in a mock grumpy style.

(He's a nice bloke really!) To his left club Chairman John McConnell


A number of recent e-mails to the club ask, what sort of people are interested in astronomy and attend club meetings. (What the enquirer meant, but was too diplomatic to say, was - is it all techies and anoraks!)

Happily, it is a mixture of "enthusiasts" and "ordinary" people who all get on very well together.

A variety of club members are shown below at the most recent meeting on Dec 3rd...






Husband and wife enjoy reading materials supplied by Armagh Observatory.



Roy Silcock from Bangor gets to grips with how to select and use  telescopes.





Young enthusiast picks up CD ROM on ESA space missions


Members gather round to look at what's new on the EAAS website.

Left to right:

Ryan Conway and to his left his dad William and the man on the right working the computer is David Goudy.


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