There are many astronomical websites available to the amateur astronomer, but where are the best ones? We attempt to highlight a new astronomical delight each month with a website that is informative, easy to navigate and something to come back to again and again.

Each website is awarded a gold emblem for helping to promote astronomy as an enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding pastime to the wider community.




2006 - Website of the Month - 2006

January 2006

Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX website

A vast collection of articles and information relating to the Meade ETX series telescopes


February 2006

Cloudbait Observatory

Autoguiding and CCD images in the 1970s - this anateur astronomer has been at the cutting edge of technology for over 30 years.

March 2006

Globe At Night

Join the Star-Hunting Party during March 22 –29, 2006! A worldwide census on the state of light pollution.


April 2006

Astrophotography from the Phillipines

Amazing images of planets captured with a ToUcam Pro


May 2006

Seiichi Yoshida's Small Planetary Bodies

A wealth of information relating to observable comets and asteriods

June 2006

July 2006

August 2006

September 2006

October 2006

November 2006

December 2006


2005 - Website of the Month - 2005
January 2005

Carsten Arnholm's Astro

Carsten is an active member of QCUIAG, the webcam imaging group and is on the development team of Registax, the image stacking software. He has taken many wonderful images of the night sky and shares his techniques in great depth on his website.

February 2005

Earth from Space

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth hosts the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present.


March 2005

Armagh Observatory

This massive website has everything covered from light pollution, the latest Armagh weather observations, to some detailed technical articles on solar physics and more. Take time to delve into this site and you will be there for hours.

April 2005

Campaign for Dark Skies

The CfDS is a campaign to preserve the beauty of the night sky by campaigning against inefficient lighting.

This is the single most important campaign for all astronomers and eco-friendly people and warants our full support.

May 2005

Astronomical Society of South Australia

Great society website with many articles, how-tos, and strangely familar constellations - but all upside down!

June 2005

Calculated Sky - CalSky

A truly unique resource for observers. Find out about space weather, eclipses, satellites, planets, comets, asteroids, meteor showers, and more with dynamic sky charts generated for your location and and a fully customisable email alert manager.

July 2005

Sunflower Astronomy

Home of David Kolb's Astronomy website showing off David's amazing imagery with his varied optical instruments.

August 2005

Damian Peach - Views of the Solar System

Damian Peach must be just about the best astrophotographer in the country. Located in Norfolk, Damian appeared recently on the BBC Sky At Night star party and is a member of the BAA.

September 2005

Astronomy Boy

An amateur run website full of practical resources and tutorials for astronomers.

October 2005

Atmospheric Optics

An incredible website with photos of atmospheric and meteorological optics, with downloadable freeware to simulate effects.

November 2005

Shadow and Substance

See popular astronomy events in computer generated form.

December 2005

Rick's Astro

Not the most stunning of website designs but the content of amateur astrophotography is just incredible.


2004 Website of the Month 2004
January 2004

NASA StarChild

Learn about the starry sky for budding beginners and amateur astronomers


February 2004


Excellent guide to the month's constellations and much more


March 2004

Lunar Picture of the Day

Daily coverage of features of the moon, perfect for learning about our closest celestial body


April 2004

Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies

THE place to go if you want to discuss astronomy with Ireland based astronomers


May 2004

BBC: Science and Nature: Space

Excellent resource for learning about space, the solar system and more with games, quizzes and plenty more.


June 2004

Astro Tips

Comprenhensive website with the latest astronomy software reviews, photo pages and help forums.


July 2004

The Firmanent

Excellent resource for budding astrophotographers detailing the trial and errors of an amateur astronomer, Jan Timmermans, in capturing many excellent images from his backyard in Holland.


August 2004

ShannonSide Astronomy Club

Amateur astronomy club based in Ireland's MidWest that meet every month in Limerick and host the Annual Whirlpool Star Party.


September 2004

Jim Thommes Unconventional Astrophotography

Jim Thommes is at the forefront of long exposure webcam images and captures some incredible DSO images from his home near San Diego, California, USA.


October 2004

Mythical Ireland

Learn about ancient astronomy in Ireland and how adept celtic observers were in studying the movements of the heavens.


November 2004

European Space Agency

The ESA website is full of amazing information about Human Spaceflight, Observing the Earth, Launchers, Navigation, Space Science, Spacecraft operations, Telecommunications and much more.

December 2004

Campaign for Dark Skies

CfDS is a campaign to preserve the beauty of the night sky by campaigning against inefficient exterior lighting.



2003 WSOTM 2003

April 2003

The Big Bear Solar Observatory

Their main interest is the physics of the Sun and they observe solar phenomena every day with their own dedicated telescopes and instruments

May 2003

A bed and breakfast guest house in British Columbia that also captures superb deep sky & solar photographs

June 2003

Tom Campbell's Amateur Astronomy

Excellent learning section for the starting stargazer

July 2003

Heaven's Glory Observatory

Brian Lula presents his CCD astro-photos of many wonderful deep sky objects in amazing detail and colour

August 2003

Astrophotography by Jeff Ball

Amazing imaging using film and CCD capture. Check out his M42 image - I've never seen it like that before!!!

September 2003


Excellent resource for modifying and using Meade telescopes

October 2003


Learn something new about the heavens above with a daily photo and short text in an easy to understand format

November 2003


Excellent definitive resource for telescope and astronomy equipment reviews

December 2003

"Let's Talk Stars" Online Radio

Daily radio broadcast by David Levy for visual astronomers

Star Date Online

Daily learning about what's in the night sky


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